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Thanks to everyone who has sent in a sensational pen-portrait to  gavin@way2go.co.uk  - if you're still not recognised at the reunion, perhaps you airbrushed the photo a bit too much, or else today's Fling may be stronger than in our youth.  By the way, does anyone know who manufactured Fling?  I can't trace it anywhere.

Further / fuller details would be much appreciated, especially anything of a biographical or scandalous nature. I still can't seem to get the pictures to display in the biog pages, but I'll try and fix that, in the meantime hopefully the thumbnails below will help 

These details should save a lot of time saying "Who are you?" and "what  have you been doing?" at the Reunion, but it'll be interesting to see who has read and absorbed all the information here (homework for tonight). 

Do you remember the old Opponent system? What emancipated methods those Jesuits used!  Did you sit next to, and compete "playfully" against, one of these shown below?  Does anyone else remember trying out midget catapults on the Victory Walk to the Royal Tournament?

Here are some of the worst examples of a misspent youth, click on the names to reveal the awful truth:

Mike Barnett
John Bergin
Malcolm Bolton
Greg Brooks
John Dickson
Bernie Edwards
Ken Eggleston
Martin Farrell
Kevin Heffernan
Peter Holden
John Jelliman
Mike LattimerStill checking 
MI5 records
to get a recent
photo of Mike
Peter (PN) Lee
Brian McCarron
David Mildner
David Ryan
John Simmonds
Peter Smith
Jerry Stockbridge
Gavin Taylor
Kevin Tingay
John Vaughan-Neil
David Wilson
Richard Wilson