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If you're only just reading this, then it is already too late for you to get in touch and arrange to attend the long-heralded, much-trumpeted, for one weekend only grand reunion of the class of 55:   

- it was on Friday, 9th September, (and a bit more on Saturday 10th September too)

Thank you for all the responses we have had to the proposed reunion of the class of 55. 

We had fun  -  and although we cannot hold another 50-year reunion until 2055, the concensus seemed to be "we must do this more often", and so please keep on contibuting, and expect to be pestered into dragging your old bones out again (and again).

Many thanks to John Austin and Graham Turner who escorted the lucky ones around the old scholl premises;  to Handre Joubert who put on such a good spread at Coombe Lane; and ESPECIALLY to Richard Milward and Bertie Banyard, who genuinely honoured us with their presence.

More reactions soon, but it looked like a good time was had by all, and we did birefly remember absent friends;  hopefully this will have acted as a catalyst to bring even more back into the fold for future attempts / events.

Special mention must be given to Shaun Lennon, who despite the most tragic and difficult of domestic circumstances, came all the way over from OZ for just 4 days with us  -  and he certainly brightened up all the space around him. 

Much more anon, once "normality" is resumed  -  any accounts, experiences, impressions would be gratefully received and, if respectful enough, placed ont the site.