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And they said nostalgia was a thing of the past!

Thank you for visiting Ferulas we'R'e Us  -  if you've got here by accident, you're very welcome, please look around, probably the entire contents will mistify you as much as it does those supposedly in the know!

If, however, you were one of that golden(?) generation who started at Wimbledon College in September 1955, or joined us between then and 1963, hopefully this site will bring back memories, some of them even good ones, and will have encouraged you to have joined us at our 50th Anniversary Reunion in September  - but if you are reading this now for the first time, you've missed it, but please pencil 9th September 2055 in to your diary for the next one.

Nelson's Navy was famously based up "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash" -  but of course, at the College, we had it tough  - think instead of "Fling, Sodality, and the Ferula", and tremble. 

Please read on  -  and in particular, send us your contact details so that we can update our (back of a cigarette packet) "database", enter something about yourself in the guestbook, contribute to the blog (if I've got it working - no, I haven't!), and most of all, put the reunion dates in your diary.

For Jerry Stockbridge's instant photo service (well done Jerry, hope you can get a life again too now the reunion is over!), please click here

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